Twenty years ago, TGCE began as a full service engineering company providing zero defect engineering packages for dimensionally challenging projects. As demand for TGCE dimensional QA/QC work processes grew, TGCE moved in the direction of a dimensional services contractor while retaining the engineering manpower resources required to support the dimensional aspects of our business.


TGCE still provides full service engineering for projects that fit our man power resources and expertise.

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Engineering Projects Supported by TGCE


  • Replacement in kind piping systems

  • Problem pumps and other rotation equipment

  • Replacement of large diameter piping and equipment in hot services

  • Replacement of existing equipment

  • Support of heavy industrial boiler maker projects (FCCU, Cokers etc.)

  • Lift studies and lifting devises


Engineering and Design Software


  • AutoCad

  • CadWorx

  • MicroStation

  • Caesar II Pipe Stress

  • AIMS dimensional analysis software and equipment (proprietary)


TGCE’s engineering staff provides engineering support for every dimensional project TGCE performs. These integrated engineering tasks are not available from any other dimensional contractor and ensure that TGCE review and revision of dimensional data is the very best available.

Engineering Activities Typically Provided on TGCE Projects


  • Caesar II adjustment of thermally expanded models to fabrication dimensions (as built)

  • Pipe stress analysis

  • Trial fitting of piping and equipment in model space

  • Design documents 

  • Provide engineering stamp as required