Texas Gulf Coast Engineers (TGCE) is the world leader in the execution of industrial projects with must fit application through the use of their Advanced Integrated Measurement System (AIMS). TGCE is the exclusive user and developer of AIMS Technology, a modeling methodology with significant precision advantages over laser scanning.


AIMS measures, records, and transfers dimensional information and volumetric shapes into CAD electronically, providing low cost, precise, as-built models and drawings of existing piping, equipment, and structural steel. The precision of AIMS exceeds shop fabrication tolerance making AIMS the most powerful dimensional work process available today. 

These improvements in precision provide a platform the dimensional check of construction documents, fabricated components and construction field support for the layout of site fabricated/constructed elements not possible with laser scanning methodology. The typical project utilizing AIMS as the dimensional basis for detail design requires no rework of piping or structural steel due to dimensional error or tolerances. The use of leave-long field fits are also eliminated. 

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TGC Engineers AIMS Technology uses total station point shots, digital image measurement technology and when applicable laser scans to provides as built models and dimensional data for detail design, fabrication checks, and construction field support. The comprehensive use of these three diverse and independent measurement systems to dimensionally monitor all project phases is part of every TGCE project. 

Total station point shots and image measurement technology both deliver signification advantages over laser scanning. The application of total station and camera technologies provides the precision required for installations without rework or leave-long field fits.

Although laser scanning is the dominate dimensional control work process utilized in industry today and an important part of TGCE's work process, scanning is not the primary dimensional tool employed by TGCE.