Texas Gulf Coast Engineers offers a combination of services that are not available from any other engineering company. This unique capability allows TGCE to provide a construction package that will reduce project cost, compress the schedule, and reduce rework due to the dimensional errors that occur in design, construction or fabrication. The broad categories of services available from TGCE include the following:


  • Engineering and Design Services

  • Project Management

  • Constructability Reviews

  • Dimensional Verification/Correction of Construction Document

  • Creating As-Builts of Equipment and Piping Systems

  • Dimensional Verification/Correction of Fabricated Components

  • Pipe Spools

  • Static Equipment

  • Skid Mounted Equipment

  • Dimensional Verification/Correction of Constructed Elements

  • Foundations

  • Pipe Supports

  • Structural Steel

  • Pipe Racks

  • Model Development

  • Models for Detail Design

  • Conceptual Models

  • Virtual Trial Fitting of Piping

  • Virtual Trial Fitting of Equipment

  • Turnaround Planning

  • Construction Field Support

  • Layout of New Nozzles

  • Establishing Cut Lines on Overhead Lines

  • Electronic Strapping of Reactor Heads

  • Layout of Cut Lines for Head Replacements

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Specialized Activities


Texas Gulf Coast Engineers is best characterized by a high degree of precision in the generation of construction documents and the verification of fabricated components. Our experienced staff specializes in the execution of projects with the following applications:




  • Flare Stacks and Flare Stack Piping

  • Replacement of Overhead Vapor Lines

  • Replacement of Piping to Fire and Explosion

  • Tower Replacement, Modification, and Resection

  • Alkylation Unit Piping

  • Elimination of Leave-long Field Fits

  • Verification/Correction of High Alloy Piping Systems

  • Verification/Correction of Large Bore Piping Systems

  • Verification/Correction of Pipe Fabrication

  • Adjustment of Hot Piping & Equipment to Fabrication Dimensions with Caesar II




  • Expander Piping

  • Coker Drums

  • Coker Deheading Valves

  • Spent and Regenerated Catalyst Lines

  • Reactor and Regenerator Head Replacements

  • Reactor and Regenerator Internals (Plenums, Cyclones etc.)

  • Flue Gas Lines and Scrubbers

  • Large Diameter and Rectangular Ductwork

  • Tower Replacement, Modification, and Resection

  • Reactor Stripper Section Replacement


Dimensional Studies:


  • Spotting Cranes

  • Constructability Reviews

  • Problem Pumps Studies

  • Fit for Service Due to Fire and Explosion

  • Thermal Growth Studies