Drone Photogrammetry is the dimensional capture of objects in three-dimensional space using a drone with a gimbal mounted camera in the cargo bay. While there are some differences in the hardware, software, and data capture procedures utilized with Drone Photogrammetry, the most important distinction is its unit wide data capture capability.


  • High precision

  • Volumetric rapid data capture – capturing everything in the camera’s field of vision 

  • Elimination of the "Line of Sight” obstacles 


  • Not usable in low light conditions

  • High winds may be a problem 

  • No off the shelf software or work process can provide connection level precision

Drone Flyover Example

For example: The most accurate measurement of a 150ft reactor head would include photos well above the 150ft elevation. Those angles and vantage points are  rarely available when working with very large components. Drone based systems remove the “line of sight obstacle” that has plagued all industrial data capture in the past, providing opportunities to capture data that is impossible to capture with any other instrument.